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Our mission is to educate the largest number of citizens possible on the fraudulent science, politics, and business of the deceptive carbon dioxide based anthropogenic global warming hypothesis through rigorous scientific experimentation and analysis, and the false viability of “renewable” energy sources; thereby negating the green energy agenda of America’s elected leaders, leading to the removal of carbon dioxide from the U.S. EPA’s 2015 Endangerment Finding and the elimination of all carbon regulation, taxes, and trading worldwide.


A non-profit 501(c)(3) compliant educational & research institute

Pat Boone’s 30 second summary of the Pinatubo Study

ClimateCite Mission, Background & Plan


  1. Carbon is the fourth most abundant elemental atom in the universe. Carbon is the basis of all life as we know it. Organic chemistry is chemistry pertaining to chemicals derived from living matter. As a matter of scientific convention, all organic chemical formulas place the C (carbon) before other element symbols in a formula because carbon is fundamental to life. No carbon - no life. Take common sugar, C12H22O11, as an example.
  2. Atoms can be attracted to other atoms and bond to make a molecule. Anyone who drinks a coke or beer is familiar with carbon dioxide (CO2) which is a gas molecule.
  3. Our science director, Bud Bromley, has done a beautiful and eloquent job explaining the net CO2 cycle in several of our ClimateCite videos. This cycle controls the creation, absorption, and emission of CO2 on the earth. Man does not.
  4. These processes are totally natural. They have existed uninterrupted as long as the Earth has had water and life. CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is governed by Henry's law in conjunction with LeChatelier’s principal in accordance with the Law of Mass Action, Fick’s 1st Law of net rate of diffusion and Graham's Law of diffusion. These are fundamental laws of chemistry and physics. These are not theories. Once mixed in the atmosphere and expressed, as parts per million of total net atmospheric CO2, the CO2 produced by humans is far too small to be measured, let alone to increase the atmospheric CO2 concentration to the extent shown by the Mauna Loa Keeling Curve.
  5. The concept of CO2 as a pollutant has no merit. It's a harmless gas produced in nature by all living organisms from the smallest bacteria to the largest cow. CO2 is a chemical byproduct of hydrocarbon combustion from burning petroleum or coal fuels. In fact, CO2 is known as the gas of life.
  6. Over the last few decades, various groups have attempted to alter and obfuscate the real science concerning CO2. They have painted the picture of man created imminent harm to the Earth unless humans vastly reduce and/or eliminate CO2 emissions.
  7. Most of these groups have done this on purely humanitarian reasons. Many actors in Hollywood have gotten on this bandwagon with passion.
  8. Others have hidden business, political, or financial interests to protect. These interests range from political ambition, carbon taxation, trading, production, and the sale of green energy, transportation and generation equipment. Of greatest concern is the UN, which is exploiting a false sense of climate concern to accelerate one world government with propaganda stoked by misguided scientists who have written and published the UN’s annual IPCC missives.
  9. Today, in the United States alone, the cost associated with the climate change hoax exceeds $2 trillion per year. The Inflation Reduction Act, approved by the US Senate on August 6, 2022, and passed shortly thereafter by the House, provides $369 billion for climate change mitigation based on alternative renewable energy myths. And to put that in perspective, this leaves a $1,100 burden on every single living American human today.
  10. Humans need two things to survive in meaningful population levels: food and energy. A vast amount of energy is required to grow, harvest, produce, and distribute this food. The goal of these people, stated or hidden, is to limit energy and food supplies, thereby forcing gigantic reductions in human population over the next couple of hundred years. Opinions differ as to whether or not policymakers and politicians understand these bottom line facts and therefore are knowingly lying to the people and the media.
  11. Due to the perverse, well-financed media campaign, the only way these draconian laws and regulations can be changed is by demand of the people at large. Various groups such as CFACT and the Heartland Institute are attempting to expose this charade. Unfortunately, most of their efforts simply reverberate in their own echo chambers. One only needs to look at the August 6th, 2022 U.S. Inflation Reduction Act to see that these measures have no real world practical effect.
  12. As stated before, $369 billion is directed towards climate change mitigation in the US from the recent Act. Mostly for the partial destruction of our country’s reliable, robust and very cost effective electrical systems, in attempts to replace it with expensive, low life expectancy, solar and wind power generation. The only way to end this massive fraud is to educate people on the very basic physics and chemistry that controls the natural CO2 cycle in non-threatening non-scientific language.


  1. We have produced an extensive website explaining Henry’s Law and its control of the equilibrium between atmosphere water soluble trace gases such as carbon dioxide and methane and that dissolved in the Earth’s water sinks, principally the oceans. This site is at: We will conduct a major campaign to bring this site to the attention of all science teachers in the grade schools and high schools throughout the country as well as all professors of physics, chemistry, climatology and Earth sciences in the college and university level. We will conduct workshops for the teachers to define and develop experimental projects for demonstration to students and the public.
  2. Educating people on the very basic physics and chemistry that controls the natural CO2 cycle in non-threatening non-scientific language is our mission. We plan to do it with well-produced educational and training materials that teach the real science along with the fact that self-reinforcing propaganda cause most people not to question the climate change message reinforced daily by the media. This includes materials for schools, parents, the media, elected leaders, third party produced documentaries, and a foundation to facilitate grade school and high school science fairs nationwide, concentrating on the real science of energy and health. For an example of our videos to be produced see this pilot video.
  3. We are organizing “Act for Energy” which is a nationwide activists based group organized regionally by state. The purpose of the group is to educate people on the basis of energy and the false notion of man produced climate change. The true costs of energy will be widely disseminated. The huge markups on end user energy prices will be exposed. It will be shown that these markups are implemented and justified to cover future costs of unworkable renewable or green energy generation and delivery systems.
  4. ClimateCite will enroll leading scientists worldwide as members. Letters will be sent to every college and university president in the US as well as every dean of the university science colleges, demanding scientific proof of AGW/climate change claims. We will invite preparation of both staff and graduate student applications for funding to study and publish findings substantiating that Henry’s law regulates net atmospheric CO2 concentrations or in the alternative, proofs that Henry’s law is not responsible for such regulation with empirical evidence stating what is.
  5. Additional grants will be provided for research on the economic and social impacts of the reductions of fossil fuel power production that climate alarmism has created. This includes the sale of related generation, transmission and distribution equipment.
  6. ClimateCite will work with Dr. Art Robinson in Oregon to update his list of over 30,000 Scientists including over 9,000 Ph.D.s and invite these past signatories as members of climatecite. Each corresponding member of this group will receive a ClimateCite member certificate and a copy of the Bromley-Tamarkin Pinatubo Study report along with a request to read and respond with any questions and/or comments. Thus the Bromley-Tamarkin paper becomes peer reviewed by a large group of scientists with backgrounds in physics and chemistry.
  7. In Q2, 2024 we will begin to produce a documentary on the late Dr. Murry Salby who was one of the world’s foremost experts on atmospheric physics and whose death circumstances have never been properly explained. For the last ten years of his life Dr. Salby lectured around the world in attempts to dispel the fraud associated with AGW/man produced climate change. It has no fundamental basis in physics, chemistry and geology which are the sciences controlling the Earth’s climate and weather cycles.
  8. ClimateCite will contact all past Nobel Prize laureates in physics and chemistry for the last 20 years starting with Dr. John Clauser, winner of the 2022 Nobel prize in Physics. Each of these scientists will be asked to review the Bromley-Tamarkin Pinatubo Study. A request will be made for comments and suggestions concerning further experiments to substantiate Henry’s law and its role in regulating carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  9. Concurrently, ClimateCite will send certified return receipt requested letters to the news directors of every radio, television and printed media company in America. The letters will outline our plan and the basics of the scientific method, with explanations of why it is imperative that this research be conducted in a free and open national scientific community along with massive public outreach.
  10. ClimateCite will either file or cause to be filed lawsuits against every federal and state agency attempting to use the incorrect and scientifically false EPA CO2 Endangerment Ruling in attempts to reduce fossil fuel use in any fashion what so ever.
  11. Pat Boone will sign and record the song titled “Nature Fuels Us All” and all revenues from royalties produced by the distribution and releases of this song will be pledged to ClimateCite.
  12. The August 5, 2023 New York Times printed a very prominent front page story stating that the Republican Party was planning to “gut climate change progress” and rely on fossil fuels in the 2024 campaign to rally up the opposition of climate change propaganda believers against the party. It is for this reason that key political candidates including one registered Republican candidate will be invited to this opening seminar.
  13. Additionally we know that all the existing internet based “search engines” are programed to put materials contrary to the accepted AGW/climate change propaganda at the bottom of returned sources of material and website discussing the real science and politics of climate change if any returned at all. We plan to build a new unbiased search engine which will be widely distributed which provides all available materials and websites discussing all points of view with 100% objectivity.
  14. In addition to the search engine, we are building a new artificial intelligence system available publicly which will be responsive only to knowledge programmed by users. All the currently available “chat AI” sites are programed to reject any user programed knowledge which is inconsistent with the public propaganda and replace it with “party line knowledge.” This includes extensive research to be provided by graduate and post graduates students looking for thesis or doctorial subjects. Additional funding beyond that provided for in our estimated budget will come from grants.
  15. Most importantly we plan to produce and distribute a full length motion picture. This will not be a science documentary but rather an action packed comedy and adventure story with a lot of science built into it. The movie will be made in a style similar to the 1972 Barbara Streisand comedy “What’s Up Doc.” The science will be very subliminal but very powerful. People who see the movie will walk away asking questions.
  16. The proposed name of the movie is Mango the Movie. The movie’s plot and through line are published on our ClimateCite website. We are now in the process of completing a film treatment for funding by a few very conservative Hollywood film syndication groups.
  17. As important as our public outreach by the movie will be, we will be challenging the EPA's endangerment finding ruling which is being used to justify costly carbon dioxide abatement programs worldwide.
  18. This will rely, in part, on the recent US Supreme Court decision of West Virginia versus the EPA, as well as the earlier Supreme Court decisions in both the utility regulator’s group versus the EPA, as well as the 2007 case of Massachusetts versus the EPA. This is a complex and expensive strategy which inevitably will take us to the Supreme Court.
  19. We will either enter existing circuit court cases through council intervention or amicus curiae, direct filings, or as a lead plaintiff. Our strategy also includes licensing our proposed Tamarkin-Bromley CO2 quantification method patents to attorneys representing energy companies in the over 1,200 current lawsuits involving climate change nationwide. And of course, we will be releasing a series of science based climate tutorial products directed to the public in language the public can understand.
  20. Keep in mind this is a worldwide issue. The people who suffer the most from this climate nonsense are the people of color in the poorest developing countries who have little, if any, commercially produced energy. The costs and the international political consequences associated with climate change make it virtually impossible for these countries to buy new generation equipment to harness the energy that they need to produce food and live a minimum lifestyle of comfort and security.
  21. Again, our mission is the removal of carbon dioxide from the U.S. EPA's endangerment finding ruling and the elimination of all carbon regulation, taxes, and trading worldwide.
  22. We have created ClimateCite Corp as a 501(c)(3) compliant educational institute for individuals, corporations and foundations to share the costs of our activities. This work includes completion of the final phase of our Pinatubo study and the scientific research and associated experiments, so that we can prove that man-produced climate change is not possible based on the laws of physics. We will prove we are correct beyond the shadow of a doubt, not with theoretical talk, but through rigorous scientific experiments. It also includes our video and book production, documentary production, training kits and patent prosecution for the Tamarkin-Bromley US patent application(s.)
    Estimated costs & requirements
  23. Credible scientists encourage serious questioning. Former Nobel Prize winner and Caltech physicist Richard Feynman was quick to point out the scientific method and the need to constantly question everything.
  24. Scientific Method action steps
    1. We think about something and develop a hunch.
    2. We think about all the reasons why our hunch may not be correct.
    3. We refine the hunch and look for supporting evidence.
    4. We publish the hunch with reasoning in the form of a hypothesis.
    5. We collect proxy data which supports the hypothesis.
    6. A straight forward theory is proposed based on the refined hypothesis and available data.
    7. Scientific experiments are formulated, conducted, analyzed, and published and a call is issued for many other scientists to conduct the same experiments.
    8. A systematic review is made of other scientist’s results performing the full collection of experiments.
    9. If a large number of all proposed experiments produce similar results, a law is proposed to the scientific community for review.
    10. Absent any experimental evidenced to the contrary a law ultimately is proclaimed.
  25. As of Q3 2023 no scientist has been able to produce any empirical fact, let alone proof, that AGW/human-caused climate change is a matter of fact. It is nothing more than a self-expanding political argument being used to cripple the world economy and perpetuate the ambitions of the UN and its unsuspecting enablers.
  26. Our scientific breakthrough is the discovery that the net atmospheric concentration of CO2 is solely governed by Henry’s law as presented in the results of our Pinatubo Study. The real breakthrough will be made when this knowledge become universally known and accepted.
Tom D. Tamarkin

August 18, 2023